10th Gen Civic Si Tune - Stage 1

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Daniel B has been a tuning pioneer in the 10th gen Honda community specializing on the Hondata platform. Pushing the envelope and setting milestones with Ososik "Si Se Puede" CivicDaniel has been able to take that knowledge and experience to create stage tunes for enthusiast at all performance levels.

Our 10th gen Civic Si Stage 1 tune was created in 2017 with the Ososik Civic and refined throughout the years utilizing Hondata's latest software features. This tune has been tested to be reliable and track proven. The dyno plots shown on here were created using a brand new 2019 Civic Si (100% Stock) on CA 91 octane with a dynapack.


- Stock: 182 HP & 217 TRQ

- Stage 1 (Sport Mode Off): 196 HP & 263 TRQ

- Stage 1 (Sport Mode On): 214 HP & 286 TRQ

*Peak Gains are measured as the absolute maximum value between the highest points of the plots.


- Increased Horsepower

- Increased Torque

- Improved Throttle Response

- Enhanced Traction Control Settings (Street Tire)

- Rev Hang Disabled

- Optimized Turbo Response

- Sport Mode on Start Up

- Full Throttle Shift

- Dynamic Boost Levels



- Hondata FlashPro

- Full Bolt Ons

***Recommend built motor.



Be sure to always have the latest software version of Hondata FlashPro Manager before uploading. You must provide your FlashPro Serial Number during checkout in "Order Comments" section!!! Once purchased all tunes are emailed within 1-2 business days. Check your SPAM folder. If you do not provide your FlashPro Serial Number there will be delays in receiving your tune. An aftermarket clutch is highly recommended. Having Bolt-ons and better cooling will result in additional power and torque. Our top 3 supporting mod recommendations with this tune would be a high flow downpipe, intercooler and cold air intake. NO REFUNDS once transaction is complete, please review your order!!!

Warranty and Disclaimer
All PowerMetric tunes are off the shelf tunes and are designed around specifically installed parts and equipment on your vehicle. Due to the variances in vehicles, maintenance and/or performance parts we can not guarantee any performance related aspects that may be assumed or expected by the owner of the vehicle. While these tunes are heavily tested and designed to work once uploaded, we do not offer any warranty on any tunes that are installed.
You must provide your FlashPro serial number during checkout in "Order Comments" section!!!


  • 5
    Si Stage 1

    Posted by Dre on Jan 29th 2021

    Excellent entry level tune for a daily driver. The increased torque numbers make spirited driving super enjoyable, especially with cornering. LTFT also within normal limits and knock control maintains 54% via datalog. Thank you PoweMetric!

  • 5
    Awesome tune!

    Posted by Darryl D on Sep 21st 2020

    Very smooth, better than the tunes that came with the Hondata Flashpro and also better than the TSP stage 1 tune that I used to use. Being able to adjust the traction control (unlike with TSP) is a huge huge plus. Also, there is no longer black soot coming out of my exhaust. Would recommend this tune to anyone!

  • 5
    Tune feels amazing

    Posted by Chris on Jul 18th 2020

    The tune makes a big difference in the car. The car feels better and feel safer knowing the tune is strictly for hondata....

  • 5
    Honda Civic si stage 1 tune

    Posted by Gregorio magana on May 26th 2020

    Really great tune! This tune woke up my car and made my fall in love with my car all over again highly recommend this tune for beginners.

  • 5
    2018 civic si

    Posted by Ricardo Calderon on May 6th 2020

    Feels smother then the tsp 1 I had on Ktuner and alot more functions to use also